Peugeot DL122 bicycle

The car manufacturer Fiat has launched its Fiat Pop bicycle, possibly the Peugeot he will follow in his footsteps because he presented the DL122 to the public, an easy-to-ride bike designed specifically for those who cannot do without notebooks and various paperwork.

There DL122 has a leather compartment to accommodate a notebook, the compartment can be positioned in such a way as to become a safe, moreover, despite the weight of the laptop, the bike will be well balanced. From the photos - see the photo gallery below - it looks like an extremely lively and easy to drive vehicle.

Usually, those who go to work or to university by bicycle are forced to carry all their equipment in a backpack to wear. The most creative could mount a basket at the height of the handlebar or the rear wheel; with the Peugeot bicycle DL122 this problem does not arise!


Wearing a backpack while driving makes it difficult for the rider to balance and makes every pedal stroke more tiring. The design proposed by Peugeot bicycle the center of gravity of the vehicle does not change. The center of gravity is the average position of the mass of a person, a scooter or a bicycle. It plays an important role when driving a vehicle, the center of gravity of the Peugeot bicycle it has been designed not to be easily altered when driving, which is why the notebook compartment is not only comfortable from a functional but also a technical point of view. With its design, the Peugeot bicycle it is a very easy to handle vehicle.

The DL122 of the Peugeot it cannot be defined as a simple bicycle, even if the forms and functions are the same. The materials used are wood, aluminum and leather. These are sustainable materials that make the Peugeot bicycle even more eco-friendly.

Being just a concept the Peugeot did not say a word about the possible price but being a project with attention to the smallest details, there is an excellent chance that it will soon go into production. After all, it would be the first bicycle produced by a car manufacturer with a standard notebook compartment!