Wind power

Floating wind turbines

L'wind energy it is renowned for its low costs but will soon be famous for the innovations it proposes; wind power will kick off a real revolution in the renewable sector: testing of completely floating offshore wind turbines has begun. The plants do not include foundations but completely floating structures that float on the waters off the coasts anchored to the seabed only with steel cables.

It was inaugurated in Portugal, the wind power plant is called WindFloat and was positioned 350 kilometers away from the coast of Aguadoura. According to the famous entry in Scientific American magazine, this is the technology that will establish itself and that will lead to a major revolution in the sector. The plant has a structure similar to that of oil platforms, it is equipped with one turbine of 2 Megawatts and was built by the Danish company Vestas while the support support is the work of the engineers of the American Principle Power, a collaboration destined to do great things. The first prototype of floating turbine has a cost of 23 million euros. Alla Weinstein, president of Principle Power, comments:

"This technology makes us take a leap equal to that made by the oil industry in the 1970s, when floating platforms were introduced. This technology allows to reduce assembly costs, and to bring the plants to areas with very deep sea beds where the wind energy is greater "


The first prototype of floating turbine will be tested for a year, if the test results are optimal, the production of floating turbines with greater capacities, up to 7 Megawatts, will start. The companies just mentioned are not the only ones to have smelled the innovation of floating turbines, Siemens and Alstom also have something in the pipeline and Mitsubishi plans to install 80 floating wind turbinesi by 2020, off the coast of Japan. Italy is no exception, a similar project could be launched in Abruzzo through the Ipa Adriatic Powered community initiative, in which the Region, the State and the University of Maine participate.

Video: Floating wind turbine installation (October 2020).