Farmers demonstrate against the IMU

L'Imu it is the new housing tax that will weigh on the Italian budget even more than the old ICI. While most citizens resign themselves to the idea of ​​the new payment, the farmers demonstrate in front of the Chamber to protect the made in Italy agri-food production which is already facing numerous battles, including the one against foreign multinationals.

To kick off the event was the Coldiretti, according to which, the new Imu it would penalize the entire agricultural sector. The demonstration had its effect in that a large majority of parliamentarians approved an agenda that commits the government to review some clauses of theSingle Municipal Tax.

The request is clear: "Promote a review of the mechanism ofImu of which the farms they will feel the full weight, providing for a different taxation for agricultural buildings no longer functional to the activity and transformed into a dwelling and for buildings that are used for work and have always been included in the value of the land ".

Currently, farmers pay around 300 million in taxes on farm buildings and land. The figure, with the introduction of the IMU, will increase exponentially, exceeding one and a half billion euros. Such taxation could pinch thousands of Italian farms.

According to some statements by the Confagricoltura, Cia is Cover, with the new government maneuvers, taxation in agriculture, this means that if the Monti government does not review the new IMU, about 200,000 companies will be put out of business: a drain of 1.5 billion euros from the tax on rural buildings and agricultural land compared to the current 300 million. As if the expected taxes weren't enough, on Italian farmers risks incurring another expense, a figure ranging between 2 and 3 billion euros for stacking operations.

The audience asks Organic products, imported food is condemned as much but under these conditions, how can a Italian farmer go ahead and offer a product that exceeds all standards for organic certification, beat foreign multinationals and moreover start a battle at home against the same government that should guarantee resources and protection?

edited by Anna De Simone

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