Youth unemployment and the Monti government

The Monti government it is trying to bring new social cushioning plans and more flexibility to increase job opportunities among young people. The crisis in the employment market affects all age groups but the under-35s are the most at risk. While Monti seeks reforms and looks elsewhere, no one seems to see the plans that would bring more jobs while solving the problem waste in Italy.

Proper waste management could bring 400,000 jobs by 2020. To facilitate the employment situation of young Italians, the Monti government should think about blocking all the mechanisms that provide for the illegal waste disposal which not only damages the environment but enriches the coffers of criminals and increases the number of illegal workers and does not guarantee any protection at work.

Italy does not have adequate infrastructure for the recycling and the preparation of these could move a business by creating a strong sector thus guaranteeing thousands and thousands of jobs. The strategy that the Monti government aims to develop stronger professional figures, instead of acting by creating jobs directly, the Monti government has launched the so-called ssrl, companies that can be founded by young people in a facilitated way.

The ssrl are simplified limited liability companies, such companies can be activated without drastic capital limits. Before, to found a company it was necessary to have at least 10,000 euros in assets. For the ssrl there will be no need for notary fees and there will also be fewer checks and verifications. It will be easier to found a company but in this way, with fewer checks and verifications, won't it be easier for criminal activities to get their hands on a new tool?

The ideal for a young professional who wants to do and move in the business sector would be to found a business that is ecologically adequate. For sustainable business plans, in fact, there are ad hoc incentives, an example is incentive rates provided for by Energy bill, dedicated to individuals, small or large companies. Along with incentives for sustainable projects, young people could also access European funds for youth entrepreneurship.

Greater accessibility to professions, businesses designed for young people, new amortization plans…. but the green economy? Green economy is not just about investing in renewables. A waste management plan is part of the green economy as the enhancement of the landscape and natural heritage of our country. It seems that in the labor sector, the Monti government is undervaluing too much the role of the green economy.

Video: Tackling youth unemployment (October 2020).