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WWF Earth Hour

We talk a lot about global warming, savings and energy crisis. They are global issues but they can be addressed individually. How? For example, by participating in the WWF initiative, the Hour of the Earth. You can decide to invest an hour of your time to experience it in perfect harmony with the Earth ecosystem. The appointment with theEarth Hour is scheduled for Saturday 31 March and for this date do not cancel your commitments, just make sure they are as sustainable as possible!

With 2012, the Hour of the Earth is now in its fifth edition. It involves 5,000 cities in 128 countries of the globe. Why is it called "Earth Hour“? Because all citizens, companies and monuments, turn off the lights for an hour, so as to cut the CO2 emissions that are released into the atmosphere every second. In 2009 alone, 200 companies and monuments such as the Tower of Pisa and the Mole Antonelliana were involved in our country, were turned off. Last year the Colosseum also turned off the lights on the occasion of theEarth Hour.

To make the message even more powerful, national and international organizations are giving life to more and more events. The company is an example of this CISCO, technology partner of Expo 2015. The Cisco company, on the occasion of theEarth Hour, has promoted a week in which corporate mobility has zero impact. From March 26-30, Cisco and some of its partner groups will be committed to minimizing commuting.

That is how Cisco Italy celebrates the 2012 edition ofEarth Hour. The Cisco initiative is called Business Travel Free Week, literally “Week without business trips”. For a whole week, Cisco will use sustainable and technological means of communication as an alternative to classic business trips: the meetings that the company would have had to hold in other countries will turn into real virtual meetings, videoconferences and telepresences. To ensure greater transparency to the project, the same every day WWF will monitor the number of trips avoided and through a particular calculator they will be able to trace the savings obtained both in terms of CO2 emissions than cheap.

The hitech solution that Cisco will use for this project, is the "Cisco TelePresence"Which in five years has allowed the company to avoid over one million meetings, thus cutting harmful emissions by 561,000 tons. Business travel accounts for up to 35% of the carbon footprint of every company and Cisco is the concrete example of what companies can do for the planet but also for the company's pockets: a conference call costs much less than a trip corporate.

On the other hand, what could we expect from the company that during theExpo 2015 of Milan will present various technologies, including theHealthPresence, a virtual health system? In our own small way, on the occasion ofEarth Hour 2012, we can start by turning off the lights at 20.30. Of course, any other eco-friendly action is well appreciated by both the environment and our portfolios.

edited by Anna De Simone

Video: Things you can do at home. Earth Hour. WWF (October 2020).