Profitterol: recipes

A dessert for true gluttons, the profitterol, which must be prepared with the mouth watering foretaste of its infinite sweetness. There are many versions, one more captivating than the other. I prefer the classic one but there are those who love to enrich it with pistachios or dried fruit, those who instead want to try creams other than that chantilly, who instead sprinkles it with chopped hazelnuts. And who does it with fruit? Yes, you can also do this if you want, for a light version of a dessert that is, in my opinion, good precisely because it is not light. But it is very good for the mood if you eat it without guilt.

Profitterol: origins

The name must arouse some suspicion, in fact it derives from the French "profiteroles", Pronounced"pʁɔfi'tʁɔl ", in Italy the way of writing changes, slightly, but the origins are and remain French. It is a dessert that, as many already know, is obtained with puffs filled with cream and then covered with another cream. In the cream puffs we find in the more classic versions the custard, the Chantilly cream or cream or ice cream, as a coating cream, the traditional chocolate one, or the caramel one, is the most popular.

It is said that this dessert was born at the time of Caterina de 'Medici: one of her cooks, a certain Popelini, would have created it on purpose to surprise her and not to make her bored with “the usual desserts”. Only later, in the seventeenth century, did this delicious dessert begin to spread, however, that in Florence it is called "bongo". In the Tuscan capital it is said that it has no French origins but in fact it would seem like this to everyone.

From the outset, the profitterol it does not appear as a single cupcake but as a sort of mound of cupcake, or pyramid if you prefer, a structure for equilibrists that also has a name, obviously a French name: Croquembouche. We can find these "sweet balls" also as a garnish for the Saint Honoré cake but in this case they are not covered with cream, just and the cream of the cake is left over.

Profitterol with cream

Perfect dessert for any occasion, the profitterol it can be filled with Chantilly cream and covered with dark chocolate, or filled with cream for those who prefer it. Let's see how it can be prepared and then take all the liberties to vary the filling or the covering cream.

Profitterol: ingredients

We start with the cupcakes and then fill and cover them: it is not trivial to prepare the profitterol at home and it's worth it even just to make variations according to our tastes or to “overdo it” with the filling or chocolate, if that's what we love. The beauty of DIY in the kitchen.

To prepare the cupcakes you need to get the choux pastry. It is a pasta invented in the mid-1500s by a cook at the court of Caterina de 'Medici and then exported to France, as we mentioned earlier. It is prepared with water, butter, eggs and flour with little gluten avoid that the cupcakes are too "elastic" when their goodness also lies in the fact that they are brittle.

Once the famous pasta has been prepared, it is time for cooking and it is not at all trivial to proceed, it acts in three phases with different temperatures from time to time. This is to ensure that the dough swells and becomes hollow inside, hollow because these cream puffs, as gourmands well know, are all for fill with cream or cream, to then be dark chocolate. The cream and the coating, according to taste, we for the moment proceed with the more classic Chantilly cream because it is lighter and more delicate than custard, in fact it is often used to fill other cakes. To prepare Chantilly you need very few ingredients: fresh cream, vanilla and powdered sugar.

Profitterol: recipe

Put a saucepan with water, butter, sugar and salt on the heat until it boils, then add the flour and start mixing everything with a whisk and then put the saucepan back on the heat and continue stirring with a wooden spoon. When the mixture has blended into a ball we can put it in a bowl to add the eggs. Made so the choux pastry, you put it in one sac à poche to make balls to be placed on a baking sheet and bake at 220 ° for the first 15 minutes, then at 180 ° for a further 10 minutes.

Let the freshly cooked cupcakes rest, then turn them upside down let's pierce them to stuff them. At this point the cream must be prepared! With cream, powdered sugar and vanilla. Once the cream is obtained, we can "syringe" it into the now cold and ready cupcakes and then cover them with a film and leave them in the fridge. At this point, only the covering that this time we make with chocolate is missing. We use fresh cream to boil a saucepan and then add chopped chocolate and mix until everything is melted. Also this covering cream it should be allowed to cool, waiting for it to become slightly dense.

Now is the time to take the cream puffs and dip them in the chocolate cream and then go and build the mound we all know as profitterol. You can decorate everything with a tuft of cream or strawberries cut into small pieces, depending on your taste.

Pistachio Profitterol

Anyone who wishes can sprinkle the profitterol cooked in this way with chopped pistachios, it is also a great way to present it at the table garnished in an original way. Those who love pistachio can also think about filling the cream puffs with pistachio cream, in my opinion it is a flavor that tires after a while Better the grain.

Coffee profitterol

Coffee cream is an excellent alternative both to replace the Chantilly cream inside the cupcakes, and to take the place of the chocolate one. I prefer to keep the chocolate cream as a coating and give up the cream of the cupcakes to replace it with the coffee one but also in this case it is a matter of personal taste, with the profitterol there is maximum freedom to experiment with different creams.

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