Bio Building

The biomattone made in Italy

The Biomattone it is made from lime and hemp. Perfect for the construction of biocompatible and energy-efficient buildings. The materials that make up the innovative biomactone they come entirely from Italian crops.

The biomactone will be present again this year at the ninth edition of the fair on critical consumption "Do the right thing!”From 30 March to 1 April 2012, where volunteers for the SuperHub sustainable mobility project will also be recruited. It is a revolutionary biocomposite in lime and wood of hemp which allows for the construction of energy-efficient buildings, biocompatible and zero emissions.

It also has the particular characteristic of “sequestering”, or absorbing, CO2 thanks to the biological characteristics of the raw materials of which it is composed. In fact, the hemp of which the biomactone, it is the most biomass producing plant in the world, growing up to four meters high in just four months and absorbing carbon dioxide during its life cycle.

The novelty, compared to 2011, is that now the Biomattone is entirely produced in Italy in an industrial plant in the province of Bergamo, theEquilibrium, reconverted from cement to biocomposite using raw materials from Italian crops.
Equilibrium is a company that has been operating for years in the emerging sector of green building, natural building materials and technologies for energy efficiency. The biomactone it is obtained by combining the woody part of the hemp stem and a lime-based binder. The result is a light and highly insulating material, both from a thermal and acoustic point of view.

The bio-composition of the materials used and the total absence of toxic substances make Biomattone an eco-material capable of breathing and optimally managing water vapor; in fact, it allows walls, floors and roofs to function as a lung to regulate humidity, absorbing excess moisture and releasing it when the air is dry and therefore in need of a humidifier. Consequently, all the annoying humidity problems that cause mold and poor air quality can be definitively resolved.

A new way of conceivingbuilding where the advantages are obvious with objective guarantees on thermal and acoustic insulation, other advantages concern vapor permeability and the very lowenvironmental impact. The convenience on the price, in line with other traditional materials, should not be underestimated. Definitely a green idea for an environmentally friendly home.

For further doubts about the biomactone:
The Biomattone will be exhibited at the stand of Equilibrium, exactly at stand AS34 in hall 2, in the section "Sustainable Living", Within the fair"Do the right thing", From 30 March to 1 April 2012, at Milan City Fair.

Video: Made in Italy (October 2020).