Creative recycling, a source of income

With the trade in recycled aluminum, Italy keeps an entire sector alive but to make money with recycling you don't have to go big. All of us with a little cunning and creativity can get great satisfaction from recycling activities. Just take an example from Armando Ramirez and other creatives who with the recycling they started small or big business.

Armando Ramirez is definitely a creative of recycling! Using old car scraps he managed to build a very peculiar chessboard. Old bolts, keys and other car parts. The Kings have been crafted from old candles and each piece has a rather rustic finish to remind users where the production materials come from.

The chessboard costs around 190 euros. Armando Ramirez has a real passion for scrap, so much so that he recently decided to go to the car demolition center again to indulge his creative streak. Using bolts, candles, springs and other scrap, he built a sculpture called "Moto Horse". The sculpture weighs almost 23 kilograms and has such a rough body that it is recommended to touch it carefully to be sure not to get injured. For this piece the price is 185 euros.

Cheaper are the sculptures of the Brian Marshall design who exhibits mini robots made with recycled materials in his store. Prices range from 10 dollars to over 200. Works of art of great value are those of Italian Franco Recchia who has come to bring his works to the Agora Gallery in New York. The recycling is a source of inspiration for contemporary artists.

Armando Ramirez, Braian Marshal and our local Franco Recchia are not the only ones doing business with creative recycling. Catherine Edouard Charlot is a stylist who produces garments using garbage! Her latest dress was made from umbrellas found on the street destined for the landfill. Click here to see Catherine's work. With the creative recycling the first to gain is the environment and if you have talent and predisposition, an extra income is guaranteed.


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