Audi charges wirelessly

There are many doubts about the sustainability of electric cars; but in countries like Germany, where electricity to power the electric cars derives from a completely renewable energy trio, we strongly believe in the opportunities of electric mobility. It is precisely a German car manufacturer that proposes a new system of wireless charging for electric vehicles.

After the Japanese Nissan and the German Mercedes, Audi is also working to perfect a system that allows its vehicles to fill up with power electric without the need for a physical connection between the vehicle and the delivery system.

There is not much information about it. The only news leaked is that the German car manufacturer's project is called "Audi wireless charging”And is based on the technology made available by WiTricity Corporation, a Boston-based company active in the "wireless technology", Devices and processes that use a form of wireless transfer including resonant energy transfer, the ideal solution for not running out of energy when traveling aboard a electric car.

A technology based on short charging cycles, with the current that will be received by induction from the coil installed on the car thanks to a magnetic field generated by coils installed in various strategic points of the cities. Wherever you park the battery will be recharged. With the wireless charging every electric car will be able to recharge along the journey simply by stopping at traffic lights, in parking lots or with any stops at motorway restaurants.

Electricity passes from a coil to the car thanks to a magnetic field alternating which is activated only from the vehicle in driving position. In this way, there is no risk for humans or animals which in fact would not be affected by magnetic fluxes. The problem could be the on-board computers of the electric car but it seems that with the technology used by Audi, the difficulties found in Stanford University's wireless charging project, did not arise.

The project of wireless charging Audi therefore aims to eliminate the wait for the recharge of aelectric car: the batteries would be regenerated during the phases of use of the car, without requiring motorists to stop for energy accumulation. Despite the interesting premises, the German car group has not yet unbalanced itself in the details regarding the timing of the debut on the market. Meanwhile, the studies are all aimed at creating equipped highways that recharge the batteries while the cars are in motion, so as to make them run indefinitely. Meanwhile, incentives for the purchase of an electric car are arriving in Italy.


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