Bike paths, the best in Italy

Naples, Rome, Turin, Bolzano… In Italy, which are the most cycling cities? We have already told you about Milan's cycle paths and bicycle maps that show you all the paths and routes cycle paths of Italy and from Europe through a GPS navigator for bikes. Today we will do an overview of cycle paths in Italian cities, if you are a cyclist, a holiday in the most bicycle-friendly urban centers is almost a must.

The most bicycle-friendly city is in South Tyrol, Bolzano which, in Italy, stands out for the birth of the KlimaHaus certification, for renewables and for the high density of cycle paths. In second place of the podium we find the city of Mestre which recorded 20% of the trips by bicycle and 55% with sustainable means. Also in the city of Mestre there are express courier services by bicycle. In the center of Bolzano, 29% of journeys take place on the pedals of a bicycle and 66% of the mobility of the South Tyrolean city is sustainable: citizens prefer to move by public transport or by non-polluting means.

The dossier reads an excellent criticism of the city centers of the Northeast of Italy and Emilia Romagna, but if Bolzano and Mestre are the most cycle paths, what are those the enemies of the bicycle? The capital records a percentage of spsotamenti aboard bikes equal to zero percent! It seems that it is the large metropolises that do not make the most of the possibility of traveling through the cycle paths. Milan is still at 4%, Turin at 2% and Naples at 1%.

These alarming data give rise to the need to set up information campaigns on the many possibilities offered by two-wheelers - without engine! -. Like Rome, Genoa and Palermo also register a percentage of trips in bicycle equal to zero percent. Much better is Padua, in third place on the podium with its 17%, Verona at 9% and Florence with 7%.

This ranking was made public by the Fiab, Legambiente and Città inbike dossier, recently presented in Bologna. The parameters taken into consideration do not only concern the density of cycle paths but they also embrace the organization by analyzing the quality of the services offered, promoting the "cycling ", respect for cyclists and culture of clean movement on two wheels.


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