Hotel Climate Certification

Hotel facilities that undertake a virtuous path of environmental management can obtain the certification of Climate House, to guarantee quality and respect for the environment. In Italy, certified hotels Climate Hotel, are located in South Tyrol but soon Verona too will see one with the Hotel Aqualux in Bardolino.

Climate House is an agency founded in May 2006 and is owned by the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, a public body not involved in the construction process, so there is no risk of conflicts of interest in the award of certifications Climate House and the tourist Climate Hotel. To date, the agency has certified about 3,300 buildings, distributed throughout the country. Hotels with certification Climate House up to now they are only found in South Tyrol but things are changing: the tourism sector, compared to the residential sector, has serious implications for the environment

If for residential construction, the greater or lesser environmental impact is purely in the conscience of the private owner, for accommodation facilities the situation varies. It is obvious that in a legislative context, all constructions must comply with the requirements of the European Union, but the EU standards in tourism sector I'm not enough.

The economy of the environment is closely linked tocompany ethics hotel. The higher the ethics, the lower the impact on the environment and the greater the comfort and prestige of the structure. The Agency Climate House sensitizes the public to promote a more energy efficient way of building, thus facing the green building and with certification Climate Hotel also in the context ofEcotourism.

The buildings and hotels that decide to obtain the Casa Clima certification (or Clima Hotel in the case of the tourism sector), may submit a request to submit their project or structure to the watchful eye of the specialists of Klima Haus -other name with which the Casa Clima Agency is known-. The certification process includes site inspections for the verification of manpower and analysis of the materials used, construction control and control of the finished product.

The parameters of Klima Haus go beyond the standards set by the Energy classes of buildings. The energy class is a parameter taken into consideration, in fact, even here the specific heat requirement for heating is analyzed, but also theEnergy efficiency overall which directly sees the CO2 emissions released by the structure, the energy efficiency of the envelope, with the degree of thermal insulation of the building and other parameters that guarantee a certification that is in full respect of the environment.

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