The European Superhub project

A sustainable mobility and tailor-made for each user. The project Superhub was created to ensure mobility that respects the needs of the user and guarantees the lowest environmental impact. How? By developing an ecosystem of services of mobility urban!

Creating an ecosystem of mobility it will take place through an open source platform that will be constantly updated and will be able to provide, in real time, all available mobility offers. Superhub is a European project that promotes behavioral changes, new travel options and alternative means of transport. Superhub has launched preliminary activities in three metropolitan areas of Europe. To Barcelona superhub focuses on service malfunctions, especially in connection with major events. Another city is the Finnish capital, Helsinki, where the possible interactions between hitech communication systems and users are being observed.. In the pilot projects of Superhub could not miss Milan, here the main test consists in exploiting the so-called "Information and communications technology"Providing an innovative service for Milanese users.

The European Superhub project it started last October and has a duration of 36 months. This means that the Milanese, until October 2014, will be able to participate in an experimental program of sustainable mobility. The program will take place in the metropolitan area of ​​Milan. Superhub it will involve various groups, such as ATM, Autoguidovie, Legambinte, Create-net eXtrade and Vodafone. The first two companies mentioned will guarantee real-time access to their service data, while Legambiente, through the Mobility Center, will coordinate the actions in the Milan area.

In practical terms, what the pilot project is about Superhub from Milan?
As of this March, at least 1,000 people will be involved in the Superhub project during the fair "Do the right thing".
From next June, 600 volunteer citizens will be able to take part in the first pilot test: citizens will be constantly connected, they will become mobile sensors capable of providing data and thus tracking the conditions of their movements. The provision of data will be made possible by the Vodafone group. The main idea is to be able to marry the concepts of sustainable mobility with the latest communication technologies. A nice challenge to Superhub.

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