Liveability of Italian cities

Liveability of Italian cities, evaluated year by year to understand which ones go up and which go down in the rankings. The spirit of competition, with others but also with oneself, can perhaps encourage local administrators and entire city communities to contribute to making their environment better. Sometimes the common good in Italy seems to be the good of no one while the livability of Italian cities depends on us, not always "on others who ...."

Liveability of Italian cities

Before entering into the merits of the best and worst, I invite you to reflect and deepen the relationship between us and the landscape and on what we mean by the word livability. I will not be the one to entertain you on this subject for long but an expert like Ugo Morelli with his text "Mind and landscape. A theory of livability"Purchasable with ten euros on Amazon.

In this short volume, the author addresses the way in which our mind and body react and interact with the environment and the landscape, therefore also with the city in which we live. It is not a manual of psychology or urban planning but a text that ranges between ethics, politics, cognitive sciences, aesthetics and art to tell the tormented relationship between man and landscape and better understand what it means to evaluate the liveability of Italian cities with rankings.

Liveability of Italian cities: ranking

Every year the ranking relating to the livability of Italian cities it changes and each capital and province wins or rejoices depending on its position. To draw up the ranking in Italy are usually Legambiente e Environment Italy which, observing the 2016 data, they elected Mantua the most liveable city, especially from the point of view of the environment, the others awarded in this sense are Trento-Bolzano, and Parma.

Not even other cities that have been reported in the top ten in recent years have not been badly placed. Instead, there are those who have worsened, like Cuneo and Savona, and who has improved by taking fifth place, like Pordenone, and a ninth, like Treviso which last year was al 23rd.

Liveability of Italian cities: how to evaluate it

Listing the top finishers without explaining how they were evaluated is not serious and it is not even useful for those who want to undermine their opponents in the next ranking with a shot of pride. So let's see the reference parameters. There are 16 in total divided into macro-areas Air, Water, Waste, Renewable Energy, Mobility and Urban Environment.

For each parameter you get a score and there are also gods bonus, only from this year, for those who have implemented innovative policies in water recovery and management, in waste management, in the efficiency of public transport management and in what is called the new mobility.

Liveability of European cities

Drawn up by Mercer considering the political and social context, and also the economic one, as more cultural aspects, considering i health and education services such as those of public transport, offers for sports and entertainment and the air you breathe in the streets, the ranking of the most livable European cities sees well placed Vienna, Zurich, Munich, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Geneva, Copenhagen and Basel.

Liveability of cities around the world

If we broaden our horizons a little more, leaving our continent, we go to meet realities that can inspire us and from which to copy ideas for improve the liveability of Italian cities. Looking at the most recent rankings it would seem that Canadian cities have a lot to teach us like Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary, together with the Australian Adelaide, she was also well evaluated in those parts Auckland in New Zealand.

Despite being the beautiful country, Italy is still not liveable enough to enter the top ten with one of its cities, but some, such as Milan, Trento, Bolzano and Turin, e Bologna, they are working on it.

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