Naturopathy: meaning and effectiveness

Before the end naturopathy there are those who turn up their noses, those who are suspicious and those who rely on sound and assonance thinking positive and relying on it without much documentaries. There is a better way than all of these, which consists in learning more about what it is about before running away or jumping into the study or practice we are talking about. Here is the good opportunity to do it.

Naturopathy: definition

Naturopathy can also be defined as "naturopathic medicine”And it is that set of alternative medicine practices, whose theoretical foundations have been gleaned from health principles of different origins. It seems that they are principles that were formulated for the first time at the end of the nineteenth century overseas, in the United States and then spread to the rest of the world, in every part of the world in a different way, depending on the context in which they were inserted.

Until now, these principles have never been able to give life to an autonomous medicine, uniquely and coherently defined for which the naturopathy. This blend claims to aim to encourage the ability to self-healing inherent in man, therefore in all of us. When it comes to naturopathic medicine there is always a reference to the idea of ​​returning to the equilibrium of the human body, for this reason the specific term "homeostasis" is used. This coveted state can be achieved by using various techniques and remedies, all of which are part of the naturopathy, at the same time adopting a lifestyle that according to these principles can be considered healthy and respectful of gods "Natural rhythms".

Naturopathy: meaning

When we talk about naturopathy we do not mean a single practice but a set of practices. Here are some to make you realize the variety we are talking about, all gathered in one category: massage, foot reflexology, hydrotherapy, chromopuncture/chromotherapy, flower therapy, climatotherapy, aromatherapy and many others. We now come to the very origin of the term we are using, a completely new term because it was coined back in 1895 by the American John Scheel, doctor in New York. The current meaning certainly does not correspond to that of the past, today with "naturopathy"Means the" path of nature "to maintain or restore the state of well-being.

From the linguistic point of view it has not yet been clarified what this word derives from, if from Nature's Path (Path of nature) from which, later, Naturopathy, or by other names. It could for example from the Greek with pathos which in this language means sympathy, empathy, feeling, suffering. It would therefore sound like "empathy with nature", which is quite corresponding to the true modern meaning that we want to give to this concept.

Naturopathy: it works

There are many perplexities on the part of scientific medicine with respect to naturopathy, criticisms are made and there is a common front that is skeptical to say the least. This happens due to the fact that the naturopathic medicine uses means borrowed from alternative medicine" therefore without scientific foundations to support it.

What the naturopathy proposes, in most cases it does not have a proven theoretical basis. Even his alleged clinical results do not usually stand up to clinical verification in controlled studies and this does not appeal to the category of traditional doctors who accuse many naturopaths to misleadingly and suggestively use scientific terms that actually have very different meanings. It seems that they consider them to be conscious deceivers, exaggerating the terms.

Whether it works or not is not up to me to decide, I can report what those who practice it claim naturopathic medicine. He argues that it is better to prevent disease in general, then any kind of disease, from colds to cancer, by maintaining or restoring the alleged "energy balance" of the person. It goes without saying, therefore, that according to naturopathy the disease should be understood as a state of "energy imbalance". How is it corrected?

With massages, chromotherapy and all the various alternative approaches that are theoretically effective until the symptoms have disappeared. When we talk about energy imbalance it is clear that we do not mean physical energy, the one that provides a good breakfast, but an energy in a more ethereal, symbolic, certainly less scientific sense, as happens for example in pranotherapy.

It may happen that naturopathy is confused with allopathic medicine which is also attentive to energy imbalance. Indeed both medicines come close to proposing a holistic approach but they do it differently.

Naturopathy: courses

For those who want to deepen this approach in Italy, there are many courses in the various cities of the peninsula, including those offered by Italian School of Naturopathy which has been training naturopaths since January 1995. On its website you can browse the training offer ofInstitute of Natural Medicine founded in January 1983 in Rimini.

Naturopathy: books

If before following a course you prefer to browse some texts to understand if this type of medicine is for us, here are two texts that can also be easily purchased on Amazon. One is “Naturopathy for happiness. Psychophysiology of optimism ", written by Rosa Manauzzi, the other is"Introduction to naturopathy ". Holistic philosophy and new research ”, written by Catia Trevisani. The second is more technical than the first but both are suitable for an audience that does not necessarily have to have a medical degree or have a scientific background.

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