The solar-powered cargo ship

The large overseas automotive industries are forced to export cars with the help of large boats that release tons and tons of CO2. This is why the Nissan he thought about designing one ecological ship, it is a'solar boat which drastically reduces the environmental impact.

Is called Nichioh Maru -see photo- and it is the Japanese parcation designed by the Japanese car manufacturer, Nissan. The cargo ship is so attentive to the environment that Nissan aims to revolutionize the impact that large boats have on the Earth ecosystem. The Nichioh Maru is asolar boat capable of saving 13 tons of fuel just by traveling around the Japanese coast.

The cargo ship is capable of carrying thousands of cars around the Japan, it will only take a few hours to dock at the port of destination. The Nichoh Maru has a deck covered with solar panels. The photovoltaic system powers the crew cabins while the engine is electronically controlled and powered by diesel. Thanks to this combination the solar ship, with the tour of the Japanese coast, save 13 tons of fuel.

In a press release issued by Yuuzo Sato, owner of thesolar boat, we read that the Nichioh Maru could be the pioneer of a new generation of sustainable boats:
“There are 281 panels here that can generate 50 kilowatts, we store ten and the remaining 40 are used to power the ship. In a period between 10 and 20 years I think many such ships will be produced ".

For the House Nissan, having a sustainable cargo has become a challenge. The ship obviously has a much higher cost than conventional cargo but the car company wants to trigger an ecological awareness focused on consumer awareness; just love for the environment? No, but a great strategy to increase the prices on the market electric vehicles, Akihiko Kakuda explains:

“We control 70% of the market for electric cars: if we succeed in increasing people's awareness of our company's efforts in environmental matters, the share will only increase

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