Agroenergy, a 16 billion euro resource

The by-products of agriculture can be great resources in the energy field and, according to theAgroenergy Observatory, could contribute to the increase in the production of clean energy with 10Mtoe per year.

What is a mega toe? It is a unit of measurement for energy, exactly the acronym of "ton of oil equivalent " and represents the amount of energy released by the combustion of a ton of crude oil. Therefore, it is clear to see how theagroenergy could reduce CO2 emissions and contribute with the production of clean energy. 10 Mtoe per year is equivalent to half of the current energy production from renewable sources and could cover 5% of the energy needs of Italians.

It ended on Saturday 3 March, the Show Energy Conference which presented the second edition of"Agroeneriga Observatory, The by-products". This second edition of the Observatory Agroenergy gave an overview of the potential of the sector, the largest in the regions of Puglia, Campania, Trentino Alto Adige and Lombardy. Unfortunately, here, where by-products could be used most, there is a lack of infrastructure for the treatment of biological waste.

The by-products ofagriculture, hide a real gold mine. From an economic point of view, exploiting the biological waste and agricultural by-products, it could be produced clean energy for a value of 15.8 billion euros per year. The production of nearly 16 billion agroenergy would guarantee savings of harmful emissions equal to 5 billion tons per year.

The agro-energy plants they can be a solution for the Italian energy sector and hypothesize incentive policies, with contributions and state funding, could be ideal for Italy. However, the legislative obstacles that still make the use of theagroenergy.

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