Organic food

Organic or non-organic? This is the dilemma

When you eat, do you really know what you are ingesting? What's inside your food? L'supply it is necessary for human survival, but when we introduce gods into our organism nutrientsAlong with them, we also eat pesticides, hormones and other substances that are very bad for our health.

L'supply plays an important role in the life of all of us, both from a qualitative and quantitative point of view. If we introduce a caloric surplus into our body, we tend to get fat and in the long run, that fat can cause cardiovascular disease. From a qualitative point of view, there are good foods and bad foods, the so-called "junk food", but even what may appear harmless to us could cause great damage to our health.

Analyzing the data collected on a sample of one and a half million people, it turns out that there are thousands of substances in circulation that can harm human health and these substances are mainly contained in the foods we ingest every day.

This shows the importance of a conscious diet consisting of healthy nutrients and Organic products. Most of the chemical compounds present in commonly used foods (packaged products such as potato chips, chocolates but also canned goods and frozen products) have an effect on human health that is not yet known and probably harmful.

The food additives, like other chemical compounds contained in commonly used products such as toothpaste, soap, detergent, yogurt and canned foods, can lead to gastric disorders, hormonal imbalances but also asthma and a strong predisposition to allergic reactions.

In the Organic products the amount of chemicals is minimized. Today, legal substances that are widespread in the agri-food sector can be considered "potentially harmful" to the body.

Other dangerous agents are i food coloring not natural. THE dyes chemicals can have a negative effect on human health and are widely present in the foods we ingest daily. It is commonplace to think that i food coloring they are only present in products like chips and candy, nothing more wrong! They are found in most foods, from meat to fish. Have you ever noticed the bright color of the shrimp? This is the effect of a food coloring chemist.

Products packaged in bags can also pose a threat to human health. Leaving aside the waste problem - the package, therefore the bag, is non-reusable waste -, food in bags represents a risk for the material of which the package is made.

For example, salads packaged in plastic bags can absorb substances that are gradually released onto the food from the same bag, which is why a possible anti-androgenic action has been demonstrated. This is demonstrated, among other analyzes, by the studies of andrologist Andrea Lenzi of the La Sapienza University of Rome.

To eat foods biological it would minimize the risk of damaging our health through daily nutrition. Not only is food at risk, but many hygiene products have been observed: shower gels, deodorants, shampoos, softeners and detergents, rich in substances with not yet well-defined effects, some widely used compounds could have estrogenic-like actions. For the reasons just mentioned, it is advisable to vary the diet as much as possible and to prefer fresh products to canned ones.

edited by Anna De Simone

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