Farmers, organization with more than 15,000 members

15,351 farmers who cultivate 79,200 hectares of land to produce 868,000 tons of fruit and vegetables. The policy of large numbers finally arrives in the field agricultural where two producer organizations join forces in the wake of the Alliance for Italian Cooperatives.

Finally, the Italian agricultural landscape can count large numbers, starting with the fruit and vegetable sector where Finaf and Gruppo Mediterraneo, the two main ones producer organizations, have joined forces to create a maxi European aggregation which has a commercial production value of approximately 1.4 billion euros.

The two Associations of producer organizations, they have two different ones flags, in fact, Finaf adheres to Fedagri-Confcooperative and the Mediterranean Group belongs to color of the Legacoop Agribusiness. The two groups have decided to leave these differences behind in order to count on a wide range of products consisting of more than 100 references. Overall, the products released by this union represent 27% of the Italian pear harvest, 25% of the industrial tomato harvest, 20% of kiwis and 14% of the peach and nectarine harvest.

Finaf is headquartered in Villanova di Castenaso (Bologna) while the Mediterraneo Group is headquartered in Cesena. The born group is called Aop Finaf and in the social part includes 22 organizations in the production of fruit and vegetables fresh and processed, producers operating in the areas of Italy and France.

In our country, the producer organizations they are mainly concentrated in Emilia Romagna, the others are scattered throughout the territory from Lombardy to Sicily, without excluding Marche and Puglia. The producer organizations French, are found almost exclusively in Nimes and Bias.

¬ęThe birth of the new Aop Finaf - explained Roberto Cera, president of Finaf, and Enzo Treossi, president of Gruppo Mediterraneo - allows you to achieve significant economies of scale and further improve management efficiency to ensure better profitability for associated producers. Thanks to this merger, it will in fact be possible to develop important technical and operational synergies and define common strategies between the associated POs, so as to maximize production. All this also through the management of an operational program that will be able to count on an operating fund of over 130 million euros "

For theItalian agriculture, it is no longer time for divisions, unions help above all if they are accompanied by economic funds and strategies that can improve every step of the production chain. The group aims to ensure the farms adequate remuneration. Unfortunately, price volatility too often kills the agricultural market, and the Italian farms to survive the multinationals, they have to try everything.

edited by Anna De Simone

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