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Recycled oil for the Daytona 500

There Daytona 500 is a car competition that has now become internationally renowned especially for the spread of arcade games for videogames and smartphones. For the next edition, one of the main groups of NASCAR has announced that to protect the team's engines it will use recycled oil for the entire 2012 competitive season.

There Daytona 500 is an automotive competition held annually at Daytona International Speedway, Florida. It takes place over a distance of 805 kilometers and for the 2012 trophy, the Roush Fenway Corse (RFR), one of the most popular teams in the car race "Daytona 500“, He announced that to protect the engines of his cars, he will use recycled oil for the entire duration of the Sprint Cup.

The announcement came last week, following thorough testing. Jack Roush, co-owner of the Roush Fenway Racing he said he was confident that their sustainability efforts will be rewarded by the rigor of their cars' engines. Tests onrecycled oil they are positive and everyone expects high performances.

In the past, other motorists have avoided using engine oil used and re-refined due to the poor quality of the latter. The re-refining treatment used for therecycled oil is different from conventional treatments, therefore the product, although recycled, can guarantee the same performance as theengine oil, but with half the environmental impact.

The team will use a blend of recycled oil ensuring high performance and using 48% fewer fossil fuels and reducing harmful emissions by 40%. Furthermore, the harmful emissions will be less acidic, plus, recycled oil produces 20% fewer greenhouse gas emissions, compared to an oil used for the first time.

After this excellent news of the car competition "Daytona 500"Do not forget to properly dispose of the oil. Remember that with just over three liters of incorrectly disposed of oil, up to 1 million liters of fresh water can be polluted.

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