Villa Adriana, at risk for Unesco

Villa Adriana it is located on the Tiburtini Mountains, in the province of Rome. In 1999 it was declared a World Heritage Site but theUnesco warns, today Villa Adriana is at risk and could lose all its recognition. It is for this reason that theUnesco sound the alarm.

A landfill at a World Heritage Site? Yes, that's what the Carcolle project envisages. A project that could destroy one of our country's cultural heritage. The archaeological value of Villa Adriana is inestimable, but after the closure of the Malagrotta landfill, the prefect of Rome identified the Corcolle - San Vittorino landfill as an ideal site for garbage disposal.

The Corcolle - San Vittorino landfill should only be temporary, but Unesco warns. An active landfill near the archaeological site could lead to the ouster of Villa Adriana from the list of world heritage sites. Villa Adriana it was named Unesco heritage for these reasons:
"Villa Adriana is a masterpiece that uniquely brings together the highest forms of expression of the material cultures of the ancient Mediterranean world. The study of the monuments that make up Villa Adriana played a decisive role in the discovery of the elements of classical architecture by Renaissance and Baroque architects. It also profoundly influenced a large number of architects and designers of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. "

Today the alarm is received by the city councilor of Rome, Dario Nanni, which states:
"The alarm launched on the hypothesis that Unesco can remove the privilege of a World Heritage Site from Villa Adriana is to be taken seriously and should make us reflect on those who have lightly identified the location of a new landfill in the capital in the Corcolle site. . "

Various committees oppose the construction of the landfill, in addition the mayor of Tivoli, Sandro Gallotti, asked for the intervention of Prime Minister Monti and the Minister of the Environment Clini so that Villa Adriana can really be protected. The Regional President of greens, Nando Bonessio, said he was very worried, above all because he fears that the landfill does not have a temporary nature as foreseen by the project. President Nando Benossio he fears that the Corcolle - San Vittorino landfill could definitively invalidate a huge Italian landscape and archaeological heritage.

"The Corcolle landfill would be an attack on tourism and organic farming, two engines of development in this area, and would cause enormous damage to the occupation of the territory."

The preparation of a rubbish dump at the archaeological site of Villa Adriana it would therefore be an attack on tourism, an affront to unesco and above all, it would constitute a double damage: environmental and cultural.

Video: Villa Adriana Tivoli - Roman Brick Work Lesson - September 2018 (October 2020).