LPG and Methane incentives

Expensive gasoline kills you but you can't afford to buy an LPG or methane car? If you are among the many Italians fed up with the increase in fuel and are thinking of getting high install a gas system on your car, you should know that from March 2012 you can access LPG and Methane incentives.

The incentives to install the LPG or CNG system even after the purchase of the vehicle; to throw the incentives is a campaign of "Low Impact Fuels Initiative " (ICBI) which aims to protect the environment by spreading sustainable mobility.

If expensive gasoline kills your wallet, maybe it does something good for the environment. The need to move towards less expensive and, above all, less polluting fuels is growing more and more; the LPG and Methane incentives they come for this very reason. To carry out the campaign of "Low Impact Fuels Initiative " is the Ministry of the Environment. These incentives are aimed at the natural or legal persons who intend install an LPG or methane system on your car.

Anyone wishing to convert their car with a gas system, is entitled to incentives ranging from 500 up to 1000 euros. The installers will advance the money and then receive a refund. The incentives are equal to 500 euros for the assembly of an LPG fuel system on a Euro 2 or 3 car, 650 euros is the contribution for the assembly of a methane fuel system.

There are contributions for the conversion of commercial vehicles weighing less than 3.5 tons. In this case, users can receive 750 euros for an LPG fuel system and 1000 euros for a natural gas system. It is possible to apply for LPG and Methane incentives directly online. The total amount made available to users is 1,785,309 euros. Who can access the LPG and Methane incentives? All people residing in one of the municipalities participating in the initiative, see if your place of residence is in the list of municipalities indicated in the useful links.

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