Essent’ial, the 2012 collection arrives

Bring a touch of style and love for the environment into your home because furnish home becomes a real pleasure for you and the environment, thanks to the new collection proposed by Essent’ial, the innovative line of seats adapts perfectly to any type of style, from the most classic to the most modern. The real novelty of Essential is that its collection has been made with natural and recycled materials.

The line launched by Essent’ial it is composed of three products which are called ecopoltrona, ecopuffo and ecopanca respectively. They are produced in different variants, some even machine washable at 30 ° and are offered to the public in six different colors. There is space for all tastes and for every style of furniture, black and white for a more elegant style but also yellow, red and blue for furnish home extravagantly.


Customers of the Italian brand Essent’ial they will be able to purchase seats that use old rags that the company used to clean materials. It goes without saying that these fabrics have been sanitized and treated to perfection before being launched into this new life. The materials used for furnish home so sustainable they are natural substances, such as cardboard, cellulose fiber, recycled sheets, FSC (material from certified forests) and other organic or recycled products as in the case of fabrics from old rags.

Another great news for furnish home so sustainable is given by the line made by recycling the old sails of the nautical sector. The fabrics that make up the sails of the boats are highly resistant, this has allowed the Italian house Essential to also offer seats for to furnish outdoor spaces, such as verandas, terraces or gardens. The possibility of recycling the sails of boats to build "eco-chairs"And"ecopuffi”Was born thanks to the collaboration with Rewind Selection.

Essent’ial official website

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