Accenture is looking for new employees

You just graduated and you want to work in Milan, Turin, Rome or Naples? If you stay looking for work you absolutely must read this article. It has offices in more than 120 countries around the globe and the Italian branch of Technology Solution is looking for new graduates to be included in the workforce.

Accenture is a group that offers business services, is a world leader in various market sectors and here in Italy it is looking for new graduates for the offices in Milan, Turin, Rome and Naples. The open positions are at "Accenture Technology Solutions”Who is looking for new graduates in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics and Physics. The selected candidates will have the opportunity to participate in a full theoretical-practical immersion in the field of computer programming with an approach to the main languages.

Look for work it is a tough undertaking but when a corporate giant like this offers opportunities to recent graduates, the opportunity must be seized on the fly. In addition, for the Naples office, the company hires EAI technology experts to be included in the team of professionals capable of developing and offering new information systems to third-party companies that will turn to Accenture.

To work for Accenture Solutions it also means providing fixed evolutionary maintenance to developed applications, making them grow and maintaining the interface of websites and legacy systems supplied to third-party companies. Accenture's clients are large companies, with high turnover, so you will constantly work with important clients and provide services to multinationals. Accenture is among the very first companies selected by the commission Expo 2015. In fact, Accenture is in the front row to take care of the organization of the International Exhibition to be held in Milan next 2015.

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