Wind power

Wind power, solution to the energy crisis

Over the next seven years thewind energy it could meet almost 16% of European electricity needs and would provide half of the electricity that the entire continent needs by 2050. This is stated in a prospectus produced by the European Wind Energy Association. Still according to the EWEA scenario, Europe has all the potential to meet its energy needs exclusively through renewables, in fact by 2050, 50% of the electricity needed by the old continent will come from the wind, while the other half will be supplied. from a mix of electricity from clean sources.

L'wind energy in Italy it plays a crucial role with growth that foresees the passage from the current 5.8 GW to 15.5 in 2020. In Italy wind energy will triple with a growth of about one GW per year due to the installation of new ones wind farms. It seems that the EWEA forecasts are too optimistic so much so that we see a growth of wind sector greater than that designed in the national plans of the various EU member states. L'power produced by wind is much cheaper than solar, which is why investments in this sector are increasing during the race for renewables. With new technologies they are emerging more and more offshore wind farmsin fact, according to the EWEA report, 40 of the new ones in 2020 wind farms installed will be at sea and with the advent of floating turbines the predictions for a future under the banner of renewable become more concrete.

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