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How to water plants while saving money

Those who grow plants on the terrace or in the garden know very well how much water this practice takes away, especially in summer. While respecting the needs of the plant it is possible save water following simple rules and adopting new habits. Here is a simple to understand and easy to implement handbook for save water and water the plants normally:

  • concentrate the supply at the base of the plant without dispersing the water in the pot or in the ground. The water that comes out of the vase and wets the floor is all wasted water.
  • Recover the water used in the kitchen to wash vegetables or to boil pasta. Cold water no longer destined for other uses can be recycled for irrigation of plants and flowers.
  • make sure that the pots are exposed to precipitation in case of rain. L'water rain costs nothing and is a naturally available resource; it is also very popular with vegetables, more than tap water.
  • always irrigate at night
  • implemented systems of water recovery.

Not only the water you use to wash fruit and vegetables can be reused, even the rain water can be collected and used within a few days. Get organized with buckets ofwater to collect and use rainwater to irrigate houseplants. Remember that the water must be used within a few days otherwise it could be an enchanting habitat for dipteran larvae (flies and other insects with two wings). If you want to store rainwater for several days, you can buy and add special products to prevent the development of living organisms. The water collected in this way could be enriched with sprintene or other low-cost fertilizers that help make your garden more flourishing.

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