How to dispose of fried oil

The fried oil it is one of the most dangerous sources of pollution for the planet. Unfortunately, there are still many who without thinking too much, after frying and cooking, throw the oil used in the sink or toilet drain, however, one does not think enough how much the easy superficiality of this gesture causes damage to the seas, today in the constant danger of an ecosystem with precarious balances.

Edible oil comes from frying vegetable seed oils: the high temperature to which it is subjected due to its use in kitchens causes a modification to its polymeric structure in addition to the consequent release of pollutants due to the carbonization of food residues. Pollutant for the seas, which despite the presence of purifiers are reached through the sewer networks, the fried oil, if dispersed in the subsoil, creates a thin film around the earthy formations, creating an unnatural separation between plants, earth and nutritional elements. Deposits of oil on the soil prevent oxygenation of the plants and therefore a correct and vital flora development.

The residues of fried oil they can also damage groundwater and reach water wells even at a considerable distance: think that a liter of oil mixed with one million liters of water to alter the taste with a serious risk to health. In the case of inadequate sewage systems, the disposal of oily residues negatively affects the adequate activity of the purifiers with consequences in terms of ecology and additional costs.

Taking into account all the factors taken into consideration, it is important to properly dispose of used vegetable oil. Currently in many cities and towns in our country there are containers for separate waste collection, but if they are not present in the place where you live, you can contact the nearest ecological oasis. To know in detail the centers authorized for separate collection, you can consult the Consorzio Conoe, the National Compulsory Consortium for the collection and treatment of used vegetable and animal oils and fats.

After letting it cool, you can pour thefried oil in a bottle or a container to keep under the sink and refill every time you cook or fry: remember to affix a label so that children do not confuse it with other similar bottles and contact the ecological oasis near your home or ask a friend who have a restaurant: now enough with the fried oil down the drain! You will please ecology and especially you and your children.

curated by Maddalena De Bernardi

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