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Windows movie for a Class A home

Films that cool the house in summer and keep it warm in winter, would be the ideal of any building. Fixtures are an essential part of a home and an architecture that focuses onenergy efficiency cannot underestimate the role of windows.

Doors and windows can particularly harm the sustainability of the house, in fact they also play an important role in the allocation of points for the Class of energy certification of buildings.

How windows can make a difference for the energy certification? The energy classes of the buildings are assigned based on the amount of electricity needed to heat the home environment. Most of the heat dissipates through the windows due to annoying drafts. Not only that, even if the windows are perfect, the windows have a limited thickness therefore contribute to heat dispersion.

It is clear that to improveenergy efficiency of a building it is necessary to intervene on the windows. The ideal would be to install windows capable of retaining heat in winter and favoring the escape of hot air in summer. These characteristics are not a utopia on the contrary, they are simple to obtain by using the so-called "Windows movie ". It is "Solar control films ", real filtering systems capable of reducing domestic energy costs.

The use of Solar control films, better known as Windows Movies, allow, in winter, to reduce heat loss by up to 30%, in summer, the efficiency of the Solar control film it is even more tangible: the heat entering the house can be reduced by up to 73%, allowing for significant electrical savings on air conditioning consumption.

The window films could reduce the annual CO2 emissions produced by thebuilding with a net cut of around 300 million tons in just eight years. The dissemination and application of the solar control films could be yet another step forward for the sector of green building. The window films are also easy to install, no technical intervention is required apart from in special cases, the film covers the entire window area adhering perfectly to the glass surface.

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