Expensive gasoline? Fiat offers methane and LPG

With the rise in prices, in some areas of Italy, the petrol came to touch € 1.90. As a result, many motorists have considered installing a gas system or even buying a new one LPG car or Methane. While we wait for the Monti government to decide to release the incentives for green cars, the Fiat proposes new offers for its customers.

In order to expand its market shares and stand out from the competition, the car manufacturer Fiat is focusing heavily on the sale of dual-fuel, LPG and methane cars. The decision of the Fiat was dictated precisely by expensive gasoline that from 2009 until 2012, it has registered dizzying increases; according to a study provided by Fiat Group Automobiles itself, over the last three years the price of petrol has grown by 54% and that of diesel by 60%. Even the LPG and methane have undergone increases but by much lower percentages, respectively 25% for LPG and 2% for methane.

Methane and LPG they are not only the cheapest fuels currently available on the Italian market, but they are also the most ecological with rates of harmful emissions far lower than those produced by the combustion of conventional fuels. In addition, the cars powered by methane or LPG they do not release any polluting dust into the atmosphere.

There Fiat has decided to take advantage of the favorable economic and environmental panorama so as to launch cars on the market ecological bifuel. There FIat offers a wide range of dual-fuel cars, with modifications approved directly by the manufacturer in order to offer a double guarantee to the customer. If a motorist decides to modify his car by installing a system a methane, some parts of the vehicle could be affected and safety could also be compromised; buying a car directly "bi-fuel"The motorist will be sure to drive a car with engines optimized for alternative fuels.

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