We recycle with coca-cola

There recycling door to door is a blessing but where are there no similar systems? How can waste be separated? The citizen will have to have holy patience and go hunting for the so-called "bells", those for plastic, aluminum, paper and so on. This is why it has designed and distributed ad-hoc collection devices in some centers.

Both aluminum and PET plastic are materials that can be recycled and to Coke like this particular. It is for this reason that, in collaboration with the Environmental Products Corporation (Envipco), it has created "plastic and aluminum-eating" structures. Rest assured, if inside the contraption developed by coca-cola you want to throw away a can of Pepsi, the device will not spit it out, quite the contrary!

For each can or bottle of recycled plastic, the user can accumulate points or decide to donate his waste to the Coca-Cola Recycling who will make a donation to local schools through the My Coke Rewards program. This splendid initiative started in late 2010, in the shopping center of Arlington, Texas; in 2011 the coca-cola device arrived in Dallas and will gradually spread to the USA and then arrive in Europe. But we, in the meantime ... what do we do?

Coca-cola has thought of this too. In fact, Italian shopkeepers can join the campaigns of recycling coca-cola, requesting a special container for cans e PET plastic. The containers are pretty and entice consumers to recycling. At the bottom the recycling it starts right here, from the collection! It all starts with conveying all the cans and bottles to one place, each "coca-cola bin”Will be user-friendly and will deviate a lot from the classic garbage bin idea. The shapes are the most disparate, from the mega bottle to the glass, without excluding rectangles and spheres.