How to build a keychain

Some old junk, a touch of creativity and off you go, you've got your keychain! There are various ways to build a keychain do it yourself, each of which includes different materials, and what if you don't have those materials at home? Don't worry, this guide will explain to you how to build a keychain using what you have at home.

We could ask a carpenter to build a keychain carving wood, but unfortunately not all of us are good craftsmen. So here is a list of strategies that can turn everyday objects into nice ones keychain.

Keychain woolen. It is probably the most classic keychain. What is needed is a paper card cut to form a disk with a central hole. For create the keychain you will have to pass the wool thread over and over again until it covers the entire surface of the disc. The two ends of wool must be fixed during the winding operation, the more scrupulous can fix the first end with a knot. The second end will be used to create the hook that will anchor yours keychain to the house or car keys.

Keychain of cork. Who among you has never uncorked a bottle of sparkling wine or a braghetto? Here, next time, be careful not to throw away that cap that with a little creativity can be transformed into a keychain. You can use it natural. Get your friends to sign it, dress it up with old fabrics or add your hair with wool. Anyone with an artistic streak could build the keychain painting the cork stopper obtaining a result like the one in the picture. For hooking, you can use that of a keychain that now you have to throw away or alternatively you can build it yourself with a small nail, a pin for clothes or a thumbtack. Obviously this object will have to be hooked to some string or a chain useful for hooking to the keys.

Keychain of cloth. They are the most common but also the most difficult to make. Building a keychain of cloth means having a certain mastery of the use of needle and thread or at least of a stapler. For this purpose we propose a video. The video uses tools that can be purchased in any hardware store or do-it-yourself, since in this guide we do not recommend the purchase of any object, we advise you to use, to stop the fabric, the clips that students use to keep the sheets steady (photo below).

For build a keychain better to indulge in the imagination rather than leave the house to buy various kinds of material. Keychain funny can also be obtained from cocacola bottle caps or can tabs. Other ideas for building a keychain involve the use of a very short, very worn pencil, anchored to a drawing pin. Once again do not underestimate the paper clips that can be used for create keychains of all kinds.

Video: How to build a keychain (October 2020).