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Asbestos in Italy, construction needs a clean up

The affair has only recently closed Eternity, asbestos in Italy has been banned since 1992 but today there are still shouts of "emergencies". The construction world has had a major clean up of asbestos but it is still very much theEternity present in the homes of Italians and even more that disposed of illegally. Today we will list the areas a asbestos risk in Italy.

In the article "Eternit, is the case really closed?”We explored the Asbestos situation on a global scale. But how are we in Italy? Environmental contaminations and the asbestos risk they are not just about factories Eternity tried this February. In our country there is a horrible reality that requires important works of quenching and tempering: sites contaminated byasbestos there are about 27,770 and include not only private but also public buildings, not to mention illegal landfills and storage sites that are not subject to any control.

Today, Italian law sees various judicial cases, including:

Cosenza, where the former Mayor of Praia a Mare Lomonaco is on trial for the Marlane textile plant where improper use of asbestos.
Padua, here former Navy Chiefs of Staff are involved in case of contagion from asbestos.
Avellino, where a trial is underway against Elio Graziano's Isolchimica industrial plant. The accusation brought by justice sees 108 workers sick from exposure toasbestos, another name for asbestos.
Rome, where the Municipality has demolished the former Velodrome without taking any precautions, despite the proven presence of Eternity.

Those just mentioned are just some of the numerous cases of "sickness from asbestos " present in Italy. In the Neapolitan area, unauthorized building is unfortunately a widespread phenomenon, especially due to the lack of a concrete regulator. At the beginning of January, the competent authorities brought down several civilian homes, among these, there were homes in which the insulation consisted of asbestos. Very few precautions were taken before killing, and so on powders of the killer material have been diffused into the atmosphere, in the very air we breathe.

Naples is Campi Flegrei. We still remain in the Neapolitan area, in the Phlegraean area, famous for its landscape, archaeological and scientific realities, since only a few weeks ago we reported the news of the waste-eating bacterium, isolated in the Phlegraean territory (Naples). The ruling of the cause Eternit he redeemed "only" the reality of the factories in Cavagnolo (Turin) and Casale Monferrato (Alessandria). For the victims of the two factories Eternity present in southern Italy there was no justice.

In the establishment of Bagnoli (Naples), 2336 workers were employed. Almost half of these died from causes related to exposure to asbestos. Currently about 150 former workers are sick but not only the workers were breathing asbestos, the analysis should be extended to the families of the employees and the inhabitants of the neighboring areas. In this way the estimate of deaths would increase dramatically. But when the Bagnoli shipyard closed, where did theeternity remained? In the 1970s, the Scotto di Perta Board of the Municipality of Mount of Procida (Naples), he commissioned Ilva, the company that managed the branch Eternity di Bagnoli, to complete the construction of the open space of a public structure. The price offered by Ilva was really low, so the administration of the Municipality of Monte di Procida signed the agreement.

As in the Province of Naples, there are many places in Italy that may have entered into a certain type of agreement. Squares, piers, public buildings as well as schools, we talk a lot about green building but Italy is really far from taking this step. What can the citizen do for reclaim its territory fromaminate? First notify the authorities if you spot one illegal landfill or a storage site of eternity not up to standard and secondly he can sign a petition started only a few days ago; the collection of signatures serves to solicitWorld Health Organization to intensify awareness campaigns against the killer asbestos.

edited by Anna De Simone

Video: Abatement crews accused of leaving asbestos cleanup jobs unfinished (October 2020).