The Sanremo Festival killed the farmers

The old traditions saw the theater ofAriston rich in floral decorations. The flowers had now become a great symbol of Sanremo Festival but what happened for the 2012 edition? The scenography was set up with cold materials, the warmth and liveliness of the flowers, symbol of the Ariston Theater, are completely absent. A choice that Rai has made to protect the environment but above all to save the pockets.

Respect for nature is essential for Rai. The flowers are configured in a specific ecosystem, in an ecological niche that for this year the Sanremo Festival did not want to upset. The cultivation of flowers cannot be exploited in the same way without damaging the environment. Rai knows it and environmentalists know it too. Rai knows well what to pay "flower flowers"Of money for floral decorations is bad for the group's pockets and therefore for this edition has aimed at savings economic and environmental.

However, it was the farmers who paid the consequences. With this choice, the Sanremo Festival killed theagriculture cause great damage to the local economy, to the development of the territory and above all to Italian nursery producers. The branch of Italian horticulturalists constitutes an important agricultural sector. The production of flowers is already suffering great damage from bad weather and the coup de grace seems to have been given by Rai's "ecological" choice. Only in the provincial areas of Imperia and the same Sanremo, there are 3,500 companies specializing in the floral sector.

The theater ofAriston for this edition of Sanremo Festival has aimed at saving and above all at the lot to waste. But the Confagricoltura she was deeply impressed and disappointed by the scenographic choice. The flowers that are produced annually for the singing event of Sanremo, they are zero km and help the local economy, an economy that is already having to fight against increases in diesel fuel, with bad weather and the entire economic crisis. As with every choice there is always the other side of the coin, so also for that of Sanremo.

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