Organic food

Organic for better nutrition

Nobody wants to ingest carcinogens, chemical additives, hormones and antibiotics. The Organic products. In this article we will explain how and why eat organic makes a difference.

A series of studies conducted by the National Research Institute for Food and Nutrition of Great Britain has shown that a diet based on organic foods increases the efficiency of our immune system. The products obtained frombiological agriculture are qualitatively superior to fruit and vegetables derived from industrial agriculture which are impoverished by the use of various types of fertilizers, some examples:
- nitrogen fertilizers cause a decrease in the biological value of proteins;
- potassium fertilizers, widely used in industrial crops, cause a depletion of magnesium and other minerals.
- phosphate fertilizers cause large vitamin deficiencies.

In the Organic products preservatives and dyes are not allowed but only additives of safe natural origin so a diet based exclusively on Organic products, can guarantee an effective antioxidant action, useful for promoting good metabolic activity and slowing down inflammatory and chronic-degenerative processes. Flavor also benefits as the biological food respects seasonality, the taste and flavor of fruit or vegetables harvested and consumed in the period of their natural growth cannot be compared with the more distorted flavor of industrially grown products.

Studies carried out byMaastricht University have highlighted the benefits that can be achieved in children who are constantly fed with biological food, even mothers who drink milk from organic farms in turn, they produce breast milk capable of providing more protection to the baby. It is even assumed that the milk produced by a mother who feeds exclusively with Organic products it can give its offspring a particular immunity also for what concerns the field of allergies.

A group of British scientists urged the Food Standards Agency to officially declare the nutritional superiority of milk from organic production, the reason? Milk coming from organic farms it is antibiotic-free and richer in vitamins and essential fatty acids that help children's brain development. Currently the production of organic food it is regulated by numerous regulations at the European community level through Reg. CEE2092 / 91. In this regulation it is established that for the fertilization of the soil they must be used only exclusively organic products. Products of chemical derivation are excluded in any form. This means that no chemicals such as pesticides, artificial fertilizers and pesticides can be used during cultivation.

Other benefits from thebiological agriculture. A smaller amount of chemicals released into the environment indicates cleaner water and not contaminated by residues from industrial crops, more vital and productive land and greater respect for the life and biodiversity of animals and plants.

Useful tips. The organic product must be sold with the Organic Agriculture label shown under each product and with the mandatory wording Organic Farming / EEC control regime. Check that the label shows the date of collection, production and possibly slaughter, the initials of the country of origin, the initials of the certifying body, a company code and one for the product batch.

THE Organic products they should never be distributed in plastic or other synthetic material containers. These products may cost a little more but on the other hand they guarantee high standards for the health of the individual and the community. Therefore it is good to remember that:
The biological food it's healthy, it's flavorful, and it's more nutritious.
Strengthens metabolism and immune defenses.
Prevents the deposition of chemical toxins in the body.
It stimulates the regeneration of organs and tissues.
Being free of chemical contaminants, the biological food it does not contain carcinogenic substances.

edited by Anna De Simone

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