Wind power

Wind power, in Italy still too little

Italy is far from the European average also as regards the wind sector. Italian wind farms provide 4.2% of national electricity consumption, a low percentage if we consider that the Danish wind sector accounts for 25.9% of total electricity consumption.

The Italian reality is also distant from Spain with 15.9%, Portugal with a percentage of 15.6%, from Ireland with 12% and from Germany which satisfies the country's electricity needs with 10.6% from energy from the wind. The data was made public through a report published byEuropean Wind Energy Association (Ewea).

Italy is also preceded by Greece, Sweden and Estonia and is only in twelfth place in the European ranking drawn up by Ewea. As for renewable Germany is often considered top of the class but apparently it is not in the wind business. A sector that has yet to be launched, mini wind in Italy is underestimated, not to mention the European situation of offshore plants who have come a long way, but still more awaits if we consider that Globally, in 2011, thewind power produced 204 TWh of electricity, equal to only 6.3% of the electricity needs of the entire European community. The position of Italy in the ranking of electricity production starting fromwind energy it is very surprising: only last year our country took home the fourth place for the new wind installations built.

The Ewea ranking follows:

  1. Denmark 25.9%
  2. Spain 15.9%
  3. Portugal 15.6%
  4. Ireland 12%
  5. Germany 10.6%
  6. Cyprus 5.4%
  7. Greece 5.2%
  8. Sweden 4.5%
  9. United Kingdom 4.5%
  10. Estonia 4.4%
  11. Netherlands 4.4%
  12. Italy 4.2%
  13. Romania 3.7%
  14. Bulgaria 3.4%
  15. Austria 3.3%
  16. Lithuania 3%
  17. Belgium 2.9%
  18. France 2.8%
  19. Poland 2.3%
  20. Hungary 1.7%
  21. Luxembourg 1.3%
  22. Latvia 0.9%
  23. Czech Republic 0.7%
  24. Finland 0.5%
  25. Slovakia 0%
  26. Slovenia 0%
  27. Malta 0%

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