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How to make the house low-impact

We can greatly improve our home and we can do it without taking out a mortgage. After all, who doesn't love shopping? We can try to spend our money to redevelop and renovate the house we live in so as to make it a low environmental impact.

The typical consumer lives in constant competition, keeping up with the market and with fashions: if Carlo's friends all have an iPhone, Carlo will soon give away his old slide phone to switch to a touch model. If this purchasing mechanism were to shift to the renovation of the house, Italian urban centers would soon become true green communities.

If Carlo's neighbor replaces all the garden lamps with low-voltage LEDs energy consumption, Carlo will do it in turn and in addition he will replace the windows with insulating glass and the neighbor at that point, to keep up, will not be able to do anything else but install solar panels! Let's try to understand concretely what we can do to redevelop our home, remembering that every environmental improvement will re-evaluate your home by increasing it the economic value precisely as required by the energy certifications of buildings.

  • Replace all incandescent bulbs with LED lighting systems, including garden or driveway lamps.
  • Replace the windows in your home with vinyl double glazed windows. This system will cut 20% of home energy consumption.
  • Install insulation panels in the attic
  • Eliminate electric stoves in favor of a low consumption heating system
  • Furnish your bathroom in an intelligent way, replace your bathtub with a water-saving shower
  • Irrigate the lawn with rainwater that you have collected with a cistern planted in the underground of the garden or in simple barrels
  • Install solar panels on the roof of your home, for this purpose you can also apply for incentives for photovoltaics
  • Eliminate all asbestos coatings, remember, asbestos dust seriously harm human health and that of the environment, see How to dispose of Eternity. Furthermore, if you decide to remove asbestos from the attics of your home and install solar panels, the law provides for special eternity bonus
  • Light up your garden with LED systems that use solar energy. At this link a low cost solution (about 30 euros)

edited by Anna De Simone

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