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Enertour, competition on renewable energies

Tell your vision of how energy will be produced in 2030 in Italy, by participating in the competition you will have the chance to win a journey to discover the Italian Green Region.

A journey through the scenic beauty of South Tyrol where you will have the opportunity to touch innovative technologies for the production of energy from renewables. Furthermore, by winning the competition you will be able to participate in exclusive meetings where you will meet the administrators of the leading companies in the sector.

Why is South Tyrol defined as the Italian green Region? The South Tyrol energy system manages to cover 56% of the electricity needs of the entire province by drawing on renewables. The title of the contest is very simple: competition on renewable energies ”, it is aimed at fourth and fifth year students enrolled in any technical faculty.

The participant will have to choose a tool to be able to tell his idea for a new solution that can respond to energy problem Italian. This is why the works can be simple text or multimedia content such as playbills, posters, presentations or a video.

Deliveries must be made by 13 March by email or by post. The competition is organized by Enertour, energy to explore, leaders in terms of renewables in the area of ​​Sudtirol, Alto Adige. The competition was authorized and made official by the autonomous province of Bolzano - South Tyrol. Attached is the pdf file with all the details for participation in the competition on renewable energies.

Video: Can 100% renewable energy power the world? - Federico Rosei and Renzo Rosei (October 2020).