Snow Emergency. Farmers take care of it

Other than soldiers and law enforcement, in an emergency the real heroes are the farmers. On Tuesday evening, during the episode of Porta a Porta, the public witnessed a live show where in Chieti, a group of soldiers was committed to clearing the streets of snow.

It seems that the service was a big hype, to report the background of the live broadcast was Giampiero Riccardo, Regional Coordinator Youth Italy of Values ​​Abruzzo. The true heroes ofbad weather emergency they are valiant farmers.

A large group of farmers gave concrete help to the citizens overwhelmed by the snow. Coldiretti farmers mobilized and took to the streets with about 10,000 tractors so as to face the emergency and clear the streets of snow. The collaboration between farmers and municipal councils is still active and will be until the end of thesnow emergency.

The national president of Coldiretti Sergio Marini has launched an appeal to all associated farmers with suitable means, the message? Start a collaboration between farmers and municipal or provincial administrations so as to guarantee safety conditions for citizens of rural areas but also of city centers. In short, the aim of farmers is to protect the health of citizens and restore, where possible, conditions of normal traffic.

Throughout the national territory they have therefore set in motion - underlines Coldiretti - tractors used as snow plows and fertilizer spreaders adapted for the distribution of salt against freezing to deal with the emergency on tens of thousands of kilometers of roads in the countryside and also in urban centers, thanks to the many farms located on the outskirts of cities.

The widespread presence of farmers in the area - continues Coldiretti - ensures widespread intervention even in critical areas of the country and avoids the risk of isolation of homes, especially in the most inaccessible, inland and mountain areas.

The target - concludes Coldiretti - is to remove families from isolation, especially in rural areas, but also to guarantee the feeding of animals that risk running out of water and food due to the difficulties of guaranteeing the supply of feed on the roads.

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