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Walnuts can reduce the risk of cancer

In men, prostate cancer is among the most common cancers. To reduce the risk of contracting the prostate cancer, doctors usually recommend a low-fat diet, however, research published by the British Journal of Nutrition, emphasizes the beneficial effects that nuts can have on reducing the risks of prostate cancer.

Nuts, especially if organic, that is, not treated with pesticides and chemicals, could reduce or even prevent the onset of prostate cancer. It was brought to light by the University of California where scientists, working with researchers at the California USDA Research Center, found that mice fed a nut-rich diet reduced the risk of developing prostate cancer.

The types used in the experiment were genetically programmed to develop the prostate cancer; the mice programmed in this way were divided into different groups, to which different substances were administered. It was observed that mice fed a nut-rich diet developed a prostate cancer smaller in size and with a much slower trend. The amount of nuts fed to the mice equates to a human dosage of about 3 grams per day. After 18 weeks, the tumor in the nut-fed mice was about half that of the tumor in the other mice. Overall, the tumor growth rate was about 30% lower in the nut-fed mice.

"If further research establishes that walnuts have the same effect on the human body, giving patients a low-fat diet would mean depriving them of the benefits associated with the consumption of walnuts" this is stated by Paul Davis, nutritionist and author of the study. "The addition of walnuts in the diet of an adult male could be included in the prevention of prostate cancer " continues Professor Davis.

In fact, walnuts may contain substances that can prevent the onset of different types of cancer. For now, the study has focused on prostate cancer but future applications do not exclude their effectiveness in the prevention of various oncological diseases.

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