Cooking oil, a perfect pesticide

A properly dosed mixture of household items can create the perfect pesticide. A combination of edible products such as soybean oil, olive oil and other vegetable oils can help farmers to save their crops and defend them from insect and pest infestations. The nutrition of the entire world population depends onagriculture and every year pests of all kinds endanger the stability of agricultural activity.

Israeli scientist Samule Gan Mor has created a biological solution to put an end to the misfortunes of farmers without harming Mother Earth or even the harvest. The solution involves the use of a mix of vegetable oils, in particular, with the use of soybean, cotton, rapeseed and olive oil, a plant-based pesticide could be produced. Given the use of olive oil, this pesticide could be quite expensive but its importance is such that it can support what is now called thebiological agriculture which by its nature cannot use artificial chemical agents but only natural substances.

The use of pesticides in the agricultural field it is regulated by various laws that aim to protect human health and the environment. The product developed by Samule Gan Mor is marketed to provide an organic alternative to farmers who decide not to use more aggressive chemical agents. The organic pesticide it can also be applied just before harvest. Chemical pesticides usually require a waiting period between application and harvest, this to lower the health hazards of the consumer; the organic pesticide being plant-based it is safer and less harmful, therefore there will be no need for any waiting time.

How did the idea of ​​using cooking oil come about? The Israeli scientist Samule Gan Mor observed that the seeds from which the oil is extracted contain substances capable of compromising the respiratory tracts of invertebrates (parasites) and hindering their mobility. This is how the scientist started the studies and developed the organic pesticide. The ingredients used for the manufacture of organic pesticide they can be expensive but taking into account the costs of the classics chemical pesticides, the natural product can perfectly hold its own.

The disinfestation offered by oil-based pesticides is far superior to that provided by conventional pesticides, and the new mixture is also safer for human health. It is easy to produce and the production chain is much cheaper than that of chemical pesticides. Some chemical pesticides have been identified as highly harmful to the environment and humans. In the human body, they upset the hormonal balance, can cause cancer and release toxic substances such as neurotoxins. It is for this reason that thebiological agriculture it must be able to satisfy an ever wider audience.

edited by Anna De Simone

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