Solar energy in Abruzzo

In Italy, there is a need for examples to inspire a renewable energy future, one comes from Abruzzo and costs 4 million euros. THE solar panels for domestic use are spreading but small plants are not enough, what is needed are solar parks and plants capable of satisfying the energy needs of entire communities. A step forward in the Italian renewable sector was taken by Abruzzo, where in just three months two new solar systems.

The two plants are located respectively in Collecorvino, in the province of Pescara and in Collarmele, in the province of L'Aquila. The two solar plants were designed by the partnership between Canadian Solar and CLEA srl which, after the design, concluded the practical construction of the plants in just three months. Last autumn the inauguration of the two Abruzzo solar parks was held. This realization is an example not only in the panorama of renewable but also how two companies, one Italian and one foreign, can cooperate for the well-being of the country and to generate profits for the same companies:

“We are really satisfied with the performance of these two new plants. Canadian Solar is certainly a reliable partner able to provide quality photovoltaic products that have allowed CLEA to generate clean energy with a return on investment for investors, while at the same time contributing to the protection of the environment "

This was stated in a note issued by the totalari of CLEA Srl, Messrs. Claudio and Leonadro Malvestuto who say they are satisfied not only with the collaboration but also with the efficiency of thephotovoltaic system which sees the installation of a total power of about 1.5 MW. In detail, the Collarmele installation has a power of approximately 0.5 MWp, which means that over 690,000 kWh of clean energy will be produced in one year. This production will save the earth 370 tons of CO2.

The photovoltaic parkor built in Collecorvino, on the other hand, boasts a power of 1 MWp and will be able to produce approximately 1,387,000 kWh annually, thus avoiding the emission of approximately 740 tons of CO2. The two photovoltaic systems they required an investment of over 4 million euros. Two different companies financed the two projects. AB Powewind Srl covered the costs for the installation of Collarmele while Abruzzo Due Energie Alternative Srl financed the installation for the solar power plant by Collecorvino.

Notes: in the photo, a detail of the Collarmele plant, in the province of L'Aquila.

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