Unemployment, how is the Italian wind power?

While European wind power can triple its production by 2020, the Italian one misses. 2012 opened with a series of layoffs and other job cuts are risked in a sector that has experienced constant growth over the past 10 years.

Currently the sector ofwind energy in Italy it guarantees 30,000 jobs but, as highlighted by the Anev-Uil study on the employment potential of wind energy, the lack of a reference regulatory framework capable of guaranteeing stability could generate further crisis.

According to the Anev-Uil study, a positive development of the sector wind power in Italy it could bring 67,000 total jobs, between direct and indirect hiring. A figure that is well over double the current estimates. In an interview given by the president of Anev Simone Togni to Adnkronos, the lack of clarity on the 2012 incentives dedicated to the sector is highlighted wind power in Italy which risks stalling:

"We will insist with the ministries of economic development and the environment on the need for stable and sufficient incentives that, albeit to a lesser extent, allow the sector to grow - Togni explained -. A signal that we hope will be accepted, otherwise the sector risks getting stuck permanently. 2012 is a crucial year, during which we will understand if wind power can continue to grow or if it must stop ".

Also taking part in the debate is the Uil general secretary, Luigi Angeletti, who highlights the brakes imposed by the economic crisis. The first step for any major project is an investment, in the absence of which any sector of the market ceases to grow with disastrous implications and, when it comes to power, for Italy it translates into greater dependence on foreign states.

"The high cost of energy represents a serious problem for the economy of our country. Every growth project is held back by this factor which also risks frustrating the commitment of those production companies that have important industrial and employment projects. As long as we continue to depend on overseas for the production of electric energy, it will be impossible to solve this problem ".

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