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Expo 2015, more ties between Italy and China

Italy, in a scenario of crisis and a large public debt to be paid, relies on China and sees in this country, its "anchor of salvation ". To report it was the chinadaily.com.cn in the article on the meeting with the Chief Executive Officer of theExpo 2015 in Milan.

The CEO of the Expo, Giuseppe Sala, says he is very satisfied with the consensus obtained, the participation of 70 countries has been confirmed at the Milan Expo, including China.

The time will come when we will intensify relations with China“Said the CEO. Giuseppe Sala was able to learn a lot from the old CEOs who organized theShanghai Expo 2010, he himself states that they made him "understand what an Expo really is". At the Shanghai Exposition, the Italian pavilion was visited by about 8 million people and after the success of our nation in Chinese territory, the desire to further consolidate the friendship between the two countries is clear. Attilio Massimo Iannucci is theAmbassador of Italy to China and expressed the desire to consolidate relations through cultural initiatives, reciprocal exchanges and through the increase in tourism which last year saw a 70% increase between the two nations. This is how Ambassador Attilio Massimo Iannucci seals the reports:

Italians need to learn from the famous missionary Matteo Ricci and must base their relations with China on five fundamental pillars: patience, tenacity, reciprocity, commitment and respect.

Also taking part in the debate was Cesare Romiti, president of the Italy-China Foundation, who confirmed the ambassador's will by stating that "culture generates friendship " and for this we need to set up projects aimed at attracting Chinese students to Italian universities. It is important to remember that Italy and China have a history in common and to be closer to the relationships theMilan Expo.

The Chinese government is happy, said Zhao Qiusheng, Head of the Representative Office of China in the Italian Republic, theMilan Expo represents a "launch platform"To start new exchanges, from a cultural, commercial, economic point of view ... certainly what will be most evident will be the tourist impact: in 2015, considering the current distribution of Chinese tourists in the world, almost 2 millions of Chinese visitors throughout the year.

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