VeloChic, the bike is a woman

VeloChic is a particular bicycle designed for women. It is an electric bicycle but also one portable bike.

We have already talked about VeloBike and the portable bicycle signed "Mini"Which can be chosen as an accessory when buying a Mini Cooper. With the surge in sales recorded in the cycling market, the so-called portable bicycles, the one we will present to you today is called VeloChic, a concept designed to increase the use of cyclists in an urban environment.

In the US, women represent only 25% of cyclists, in Italy the situation is not so different, just go out into the streets and see that there are more boys than girls on a bike. The main factor that triggered this gender gap is that the cycling market has stopped to look after the needs of those who are already in the sector regardless of the needs of non-runners. This is why the women could represent a new slice of the market for the bicycle.

The bike was created to meet the needs of:
- female users
-who lives in an urban area
-who lives in a studio apartment and does not have much space

It was designed to eliminate the perception that many "laymen" have of cycling. He wants to block the belief that it is a demanding and complex sport. Design criteria have been used that aim at relaxation, elegance and practicality, in fact the bicycle can not only lead the cyclist to any place but can lie comfortably in a shoe rack since it is totally foldable. It's about a portable bike ergonomic and compact, both the main hinge and the handlebar are foldable. It is equipped with an electric "pedal assist" system and has a soft and elegant design.

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