What is an Eco Resort

A journey can have immense power, it can transform people, it can inspire and enrich them in a million ways. When you travel in a conscious way and with minimal environmental impact, travel can instill in the spirit of the traveler greater tolerance, great responsibility and will certainly enrich his life span. A Eco Resort is that place where the sustainable traveler he will spend most of his time as a visitor to the destination he has chosen. At this point a second question arises. Who is a sustainable tourist? It is that person who loves to travel while respecting the environment and the local culture of the place they visit. L'Eco Resort is a tool that the traveler has to practice zero impact tourism. In the world, the Eco Resort, are becoming more and more widespread. In this article you will find 5 examples of Eco Resort and connected sustainable holidays.

A Eco Resort is that accommodation facility that significantly lowers carbon emissions when choosing a Eco Resort We must be very careful: often such structures limit themselves to not polluting the environment but implement policies of exploitation towards the local population. A good Eco Resort it should also be sensitive to social issues. For example, if you wish to do a Safari in Africa, better ask yours Tour Operator a journey where we will rely on structures that aim to stop the phenomenon of poaching; or, whatever your destination, make sure that the accommodation does not cause any problems to the local population.

L'ecotourism it is a rather new phenomenon, however standard certifications have already been created to define whether a resort is eco-friendly or not. There are no "Stars" but there are similar indications that are assigned exclusively for the impact that the resort has on the environment; unfortunately, the impact that the structure has on the local population is completely overlooked. It is for this reason that the main role is played by aware tourist, he will have to inform himself about the social policies implemented by resort who will host it.

Today there are more than hundreds of programs certification for the eco resort. Sixty of which are European. The international ones are very few, the most prestigious is the certification green globe. To obtain ecological certification, certain standards must be adopted starting from the environmental management of companies. The accommodation facilities will get a first "label"To ensure high efficiency, that is, to ensure low electricity and water consumption.

Video: Maquenque Eco Lodge, Costa Rica (October 2020).