Energy saving

Energy saving for London's Tower Bridge

The great architectural structures of the world are hungry for power, transform a bridge and a skyscraper into an ad complex high energy efficiency it means saving energy and reducing harmful emissions. The adaptation of public structures could represent a concrete turning point towards energy saving so as to become an example for all citizens. This is what happened to the famous Tower Bridge from London.

The Tower Bridge London is not only a major tourist attraction, but also an outstanding achievement of engineering and architecture. The giant of energy production GE (General Electric), has started a collaboration with City of London Corporation, London City Hall and EDF. This collaboration aims to refurbish the lighting system of the famous London bridge. The new plant will not be only a low emissions but it will make the London atmosphere more characteristic, it will reduce energy and management costs. The Tower Bridge of London is a world icon and is considered a very suggestive night landscape; now, thanks to the intervention of GE it will not only be a landscape / architectural icon, but also highly efficient. GE's work will finish just in time for the 2012 London Olympics.

The Tower Bridge currently features neon lighting. The neon system will be replaced by a GE technology, the Tetra Contour cable, which guarantees energy savings of 40%, in addition, the GE plant will follow every curve of the Tower Bridge and will accompany passers-by along their walk on the bridge. The LED lighting system assembled by GE offers different shades of colors. In this way the Towers will be able to shine in three different colors and reflect their splendor through particular plays of light. From today the Tower Bridge will be able to dress in a different color according to the events.

Video: Tower Bridge ENGINE ROOMS, London UK 4K (October 2020).