How to become a greenpeace activist

"The sight of the whalers is disturbing, but what struck me most is the intense smell that surrounds them, it takes your breath away. " These are the words of Caterina Nitto, a 'Greenpeace activist. A volunteer can do many things for the well-being of the planet but before become Greenpeace activist there is a process to follow. Like any organization, Greenpeace also has a hierarchical ladder, in volunteering, a activist can be considered the highest vertex. Become a Greenpeace activist it is the dream of many young environmentalists but not everyone knows that behind every protest there are intense work and exercises. In the common imagination, become a Greenpeace activist it means hitching yourself to a smokestack or driving a dinghy to face the harpoons of a Japanese whaler.

As often happens, the common imaginary deviates from reality, the operations of Greenpeace they are not all that extreme. We can remember the propaganda campaigns that take place exclusively online, to name a few: the commercial in which Ken leaves Barbie to prevent Mattel from advancing with deforestation, the commercial against Nestlé in which a man in the office ate the finger of an Orangutan or the most recent success with the campaign against the excessive CO2 emissions caused by Facebook. THE Greenpeace volunteers they can do many things, from banquets to street protests to being able to take part in more complex activities. Then how to become a greenpeace activist? It will take a career to be able to get to the top of volunteering. To get started you can apply for one of the simpler volunteer programs by contacting the Greenpeace group closest to your home and if a group has not yet been founded in the city where you reside, you can do it yourself.

Who can become a Greenpeace activist? Those who are already volunteers in more moderate activities and above all those who have basic skills already acquired. What skills must a person have that he wants to become a Greenpeace activist? A scuba diving license, having a nautical license or having followed a climbing course could help. Volunteer activists continually test themselves and follow training courses, certified trainings so as not to leave anything to chance. The environment always needs new volunteers but the greenpeace activists they must be able to offer competence and protection. It is not just action but also sacrifice: activists usually sacrifice weekends and holidays to invest them in a cause that does not pay with money but only with the satisfaction of having acted in the name of the well-being of the planet. To become a greenpeace activist, a preliminary step will be necessary, that of becoming a member of greenpeace.
Read the guide to becoming a member of greenpeace and see the activities open to all.

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