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Home "Zero Energy", say goodbye to the bill

Imagine a house designed to offer a warm atmosphere in winter and cool in summer. Such a house will make you say goodbye to electricity bill and will make you tangibly appreciate the electricity produced by renewables. New Town Builders is a US construction company and offers these standards to its customers.

A house has sprung up in the Denver neighborhood "Zero Energy"And the Zero Energy option can be adopted by all those who want to buy or build a new home. The addition of very high energy efficiency systems have a variable cost and in the case of the "Zero Energy Home" they amount to a total of $ 26,900, the price includes the solar panels that cover part of the roof. $ 26,900 is included in the overall price of the house which is worth $ 424,000.

The house that there New Town Builders opened in Denver, it was designed to minimize the energy expenditure: a 9.9 kW solar panel on the roof, a wall with double insulation to ensure cool environments in summer and warm in winter, The super insulation is also guaranteed by a thin layer of spray foam that fills the cavity that forms between the double insulating wall. The roof is covered with a cellulose layer.

The lighting is strictly LED, the fixtures are designed to ensure high energy standards, the water heater does not need tanks and the house is equipped with appliances Energy Star, including an air conditioning system with waste energy recovery, even the heat produced by the furnace is not wasted and recovered to reduce all sorts of waste. The cost of the house is justified: the low consumption strategies bring a saving in the bill of 200 euros net per month, in practice there will be no need to buy electricity also because the house becomes self-sufficient thanks to integrated solar panels on the ceiling.

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