EBike, the electric bike by Smart

The web has been talking about it for years and finally in 2012 the Smart he will decide to launch his electric bicycle on the market. Is called Smart eBike and for sure it will be there electric bicycle most fashionable of the moment. Suitable for an audience of all ages but witheBike, Smart decides to take care of the design and details to put a youthful and avant-garde product on the market. The flywheel of the Smart eBike presents a connection for various portable devices with a USB connection capable of connecting the user's devices, for example, the iPhone positioned on the dashboard can act as an odometer, GPS Tracker, satellite navigator and obviously multimedia player for listening to music in bike.

The smart eBike is equipped with a 36V lithium-ion battery capable of self-charging using the bicycle's braking system Smart. Battery autonomy should guarantee a distance of about 100 kilometers. L'eBike Smart it is not only electric but also totally recyclable in all its components. It has a 250 W electric motor and thanks to USB support, some developers already prepare applications that can inform the user of traffic and gradually monitor the performance of the eBike. The release is expected within the first half of 2012 with an estimated price of € 2,900.

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