How to make a bird nest

Building a nest "Disposable" offers the double advantage of saving money on the purchase of the nest and satisfying the hygienic needs since at the end of the hatching, the nest must not be stored but thrown away. For prepare a nest for birds you need low-cost and easily available materials: newspaper, water basin, vinyl glue, brush, scissors and a plastic saucer that will act as a shape. The role of the saucer is crucial, in fact the size of this object must be chosen based on the size of the bird for which the nest is being built, for example for a dovecote 6-8 cm saucers are needed while for smaller birds, smaller cooking bowls could be used.

Such as prepare a nest: First, cut the newspaper sheets into 2 to 4 cm wide strips and soak them in a basin of water. At this point, start covering the saucer with a first layer of paper strips that will be immediately covered with a generous brush of glue. Continue to lay out the successive layers of paper strips, ordering them so that they cross repeatedly until a certain solidity is obtained with about 20 layers of paper. Twenty is a variable number, if you use wrapping paper 15 will suffice but if you are recycling old newspapers, where the paper thickness is minimal, you will need a few more layers, so also adjust according to the amount of glue you used . The nest will acquire the shape of the saucer and once it is glue and the sheets have dried completely (this will take about a couple of days), cut the edges of the nest by aligning the newspaper sheets to the edges of the saucer. Prepare a bird nest it is very simple, the most delicate phase is the last: the separation of the nest from the shape. It doesn't matter if you used a bowl, the neck of a plastic bottle or a saucer for the shape, the extraction of the paper mache nest from the mold must be done with extreme delicacy. The nest, thus prepared, it can be used immediately or stored in the warehouse waiting for the next mating. Before laying, the birds stuff the nest with plant material, it is therefore important to put materials such as hay and straw in the aviary.

Video: how to make a birds nest for survival (October 2020).