Return to agriculture for Greece

Is it possible to hypothesize that in the not too distant future, man will leave the city to return to the countryside? Until today we read of excessive overbuilding and urbanization of the territory, we can imagine that soon we will be forced to "reclaim" cemented territories and transform them back into "earth". Not very far from this is the Athenian landscape, in Greece, where a large group of farmers transformed the old airport into a social garden. The former Athens airport has become an agricultural field where people take care of the land and get food, an ecological response to the country’s economic crisis.

Athens airport was expanded in 2004, on the occasion of the Olympics. In the following years, various projects were made that involved the construction of a public park, these projects were replaced by a more profitable enterprise, for the Athenians there would be no public park, but just another pour of concrete. It is at that point that a group of local residents, armed with shovels and seeds, set to work to create a common area of ​​agricultural productivity. L'social garden set up by the Athenians is an effective example of ecological response to the crisis. The situation in Greece is tragic, the population has lost all confidence in institutions and global redevelopment, which is why the people aim for local solutions and that of the social garden seems to be only the first.

Despite threats and pressure from the police, residents are more than determined to carry out thesocial garden, continue to cultivate the land. It seems that the former Athens airport is not the only example of social garden citizen. The Athenians have already created other green spaces to be cared for in the community, sometimes in a peaceful and silent way, other times after demonstrations and in response to yet another broken promise from the Greek government. While the country lives in fear of being ousted from the European Union, it is the people who make the difference with small strategies of returning to agriculture; that of Greece could be an excellent example for us Italians.

Video: How smart can Greek agriculture be? (October 2020).